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Mar 16, 2013 4:25pm EDT
speaker, ambassador dennis rodman, will not be here. [laughter] i am filling in. ofm ann coulter, the author nine "new york times" best sellers. the sequester really ruined everything, didn't it? little kids can i go on white house tours. the muslim brotherhood has been deprived of $250 million -- oh, no, that is fine. back onc had to cut speakers this year by about 300 towns. [applause] after all of obama's hard work and wrangling over the budget, he has managed to cut the growth of the federal spending by 2%. congratulations, mr. president. even that was imposed on him by the sequestered. and roger ailes called obama lazy. said that was racist. but that was a direct quotation. know why he did not know that? because he is lazy. according to liberals, these are racist dog whistles, which may be why only debbie wasserman schulz and rachel maddow can hear them. obama has his own words. he says investments, and he means government spending. he says revenue, and he means taxes. in the dr. lincoln is library, and he means, "distract michelle. i'm going out for a smoke." remember, repu
Mar 16, 2013 2:45pm EDT
for the dallas miller show. -- the dennis miller show. larry oversees all the video content on the site. one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, rusty. he is known for his intellect and bringing new concepts and ideas to the conservative movement. rowdyou have a bunch of conservative men you need a strong woman to corral the mall. we have genevieve wood, the vice president for marketing at the heritage foundation. she is responsible for developing and executing market strategies to promote heritage. previously she worked more than 13 years in washington politics, policy, and media. in 2000 campaign, and elections gazine >> thank you. thank you. good afternoon, everybody. it is great to see a crowd here at cpac. are you having a good time? yeah? i think you're going to have a good treat this afternoon because we have an all-star panel set up here. these are folks who all have opinions, as i'm sure you do. we're going to get their feedback about the budget battles, the new pope that was announced, we're going to talk about rand paul. >> what did he do? >> we'll get to that. we'll get to mayo
Mar 17, 2013 5:00am EDT
north korea, our regularly scheduled pusser -- speaker will not be here, dennis rodman. [laughter] ninean coulter, author of new york times bestsellers. the sequester has really ruined everything, hasn't it? little kids can't go on white house source, muslim brotherhood has been deprived of 250 million -- oh no, that is safe. had to cut back on its figures this year by about 300 pounds. [laughter]
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)